The World’s Most Unusual ICELAND ITINERARY

Iceland Itinerary

Our Iceland Itinerary

Day 1 Arrived at 5:30 am. Get Rental Car, check in at AirBnB in Hafnarfjordur. Rest for no less than 3 hours and feel Refreshed!

Day 1 after Nap Grocery Store! Reward Pick up fundamentals for brekki/lunch/supper/snacks.

Day 2 Drove down to Lake Kleifarbatn, the Krisuvik Geothermal with hot springs or evaporator pits, through Grindavik and up 43 to the Blue Lagoon for dusk.

Day 3-4 Explored Reykjavik for a couple of hours, stopped outside of Hallgrímskirkja sanctuary and strolled first to Reykjavik Roasters and afterward to rainbow street to all the shopping, bistros and workmanship exhibition halls. After that we drove up through Thingvellir National Park (the Icelandic P letter is articulated TH) and afterward to Gysir and Gulfoss We remained at the Hotel Geysir and when we go there my better half shouts “Get back in the vehicle!” as we all of a sudden watched Amazing hail storm show up over head. That night we had a gorgrous Norther Lights show!! You can cross the road and go into the recreation center twilight, an advantage of remaining at the inn.

Day 4-5 Drove down to parkway 1 and advanced toward Vik halting at the cascade features Selfoss, Seljalandsfos, and Skogafoss. Make sure to pursue the trail to one side at Seljalandsfos for the auxiliary cavern cascade. As a treat/reroute we visited Seljavallalaug, the most established geothermal private hot spring in Iceland. This is a piece of somebody property and presently free, in the event that you go here, if it’s not too much trouble be aware. Furthermore, PS. The dark pooch is the proprietors, he’s a free soul and all around agreeable. He will escort you in and out, and furthermore endeavor to persuade you to share you sandwich with him.

Day 5-6 In Vik we remained at Hotel Edda (incredible air and stylish people viewing, additionally an awesome eatery yet somewhat expensive). Vic attractions incorporate Reynisfjara, Halsanefshellir, extraordinary climb to the highest point of Reynisfjara disregard, dark sand shorelines and charming bars and townsfolk. (There was a celebration going on where everybody finished their home a shading, very charming!) Go out to the Black Sand Beach around evening time for Northern Lights! We selected to do the climb on the posterior that begins at the charming minimal white and red church underneath. You can stop at the congregation and afterward pursue the way STRAIGHT UP. Much to our dismay, the street is the steepest in Iceland, essentially utilized amid the virus war for the US to pull hardware here and there. Got our exercise for the day that is without a doubt.

Day 6-7 Drove East on an excessively stormy and particularly cold day to research Fjaðrárgljúfur, which notwithstanding all that we can not lucid, lol. We genuinely wish we could have either stayed longer, return one more day, or we will just need to make a point to return here next time. Words can’t delineate this kind of magnificence, ravines and falls and streams and its past lovely. In fact, even in the storm! We stayed one night in Hof before a staggering ice sheet. (Get fundamental supply and gas here!). I can’t find the name of the motel yet everyone was all around sincere and open. You can move out to the Glacier amid the night and watch the Northern Lights. The night of the seventh we drove past the various frigid mass tongues to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. I don’t think I need to uncover to you why you should go here. Take a gander at the shoreline side too, not just the lagoon.

Day 8 Skaftafell and Vatnajokull National Park and Glacier. Skaftafell is the church building of cascades in Iceland, especially worth the time here and we met some extraordinary individuals. We climbed around essentially throughout the day between there, Hundafoss and the icy mass and afterward reserved it back to Reykjavik.

Day 8-9 One night at the Reykjavik Lights inn, which we very prescribe! The pizzeria outside is incredible, attempt the Einstok Beer, you can’t get it in the states yet which makes me miserable on the grounds that I’m not an enormous brew individual and this was heavenly.

Day 9-11 Drove to Snaefellsnesvegur Peninsula from the 1 Road around the local area to Highway 54. There is an incredible bistro/corner store at 54 and Heydalsvegur, I wish we could recall the name. In any case I have a photograph beneath. Look at it, its fabulous! At that point we made a beeline for Hellnar (such a great amount of excellence en route!) in the long run we stopped at the structure over looking the ocean and climbed to Arnarstapi. Pursue the way either bearing to see Midgjar Arch and the few cliffside neglects. At that point we drove up the coast to Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellfoss (fell is the mountain and foss is the cascade) checked in, went up to snap two or three shots and afterward gotten supper. We remained at Hotel Framnes in Grundafjordu, an old Fishermen Hostel that was straightforward and immaculate. The beds were SO comfortable! There is an adorable pizza spot and bistro over the road called Laki Hafnarkaffi and lodging eatery was incredible for breakfast. After supper we saw a couple of gleams in the sky, pressed up our apparatus and headed back up to the mountain for the MOST astonishing Northern Lights Display of the excursion! Long periods of photographs, moving auroras, circular segment auroras, free, blue and white.

Day 12-13 Drove back to Reykjavik the long way, moving around the town of Stykkisholmur (Walter Mitty Fan!) on 54 and afterward traveled south over the mountain down to town on Heydalsvegur. In transit back, we FOUND HORSES! Along these lines, it goes that, in October the Icelandic Horses are gathered together from the good countries and reclaimed to their regarded homes. One of my objectives on the trek was to be very close with the ponies, and on our second to a day ago we discovered them! That night we remained at another Hotel called… We went through the night visiting around the city, shopping and drinking at neighborhood bars. I can’t much recollect where we went in light of the fact that we drank a ton, met some wonderful individuals and some way or another made it back to the lodging. I do review that we went to Anthony Bourdain’s sausage stand, Baejarins Beztu Pylsur, Dillon Whiskey bar, and..umm… better believe it. In the event that you truly need an encounter look at Wake Up Reykjavik for a Nightlife Tour or Food Tour!

Day 13 Packed up, advanced toward the Blue Lagoon and relaxed for a few hours before our flight, which I certainly prescribe doing as one final Hoo-ra and to end too loose. We go through 3 hours there and after that hesitantly flew home. Truly our bathing suits were as yet wet when we returned home however it was absolutely justified, despite all the trouble!

Two weeks was Amazing yet at the same time feels like it was insufficient time by any means. We are as of now arranging out return excursion to investigate West Iceland, the North and the Highlands. I’ve told a few people Iceland stole my voyaging heart. I can hardly wait for our next experience and to perceive what we will discover en route.

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Don’t hesitate to message me or remark underneath in the event that you have any inquiries or on the off chance that I can respond to any inquiries. A debt of gratitude is in order for perusing and Adventure On, Y’all!

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