Why 2019 is a year for big change and new directions

Change. It’s a major word, it very well may panic yet it can likewise lead us to the absolute most transformative occasions of our lives. Before I begin, let me get straight to the point, this isn’t one of those New Year New Me posts. Rather, I need this to be a legitimate life update on why my life has totally changed over the most recent couple of weeks and why I need 2019 to be tied in with pursuing joy.

It appears to be adept that I’m composing this on the multi year commemoration of when I initially began my performance voyaging venture the world over and one of the most joyful occasions of my life. It’s an odd inclination when you’re discovering motivation from the individual you used to be, yet in the event that there’s anything I need desire towards the present moment, it’s being the genuine Lucy by and by.

Moving to another country and connections

I can sincerely say, I have never filled in as hard as I have in the most recent year. Giving up movement for another home, a relationship and life in another nation, another activity, another dialect, the rundown goes on. It was a time of tremendous changes and ones that I was truly eager to dedicate myself completely to. Following a couple of long periods of sparing, I moved to Hamburg and began setting myself up in the new life I had been sitting tight for. It was difficult, however I did it, I didn’t simply endure, I flourished decently well. Getting an extraordinary line of work, companions and notwithstanding stunning blogging openings, yet I’m miserable to state this was dominated by relationship issues that in the end turned into comprehensive.

It required a significant stretch of time to acknowledge it, yet we simply were distraught any longer. In spite of cherishing each other more than anything on the planet, there was more to it and I’m apprehensive a lot greater issues dominated and we needed to go separate ways. In spite of the miserable occasions, I need to state I have encountered the absolute most joyful snapshots of my existence with this person, and regardless, it merited putting my heart hanging in the balance once more. Following nineteen months together, 12 nations, two exceptionally unique homes together, making our vanlife dreams work out as expected thus substantially more that we’ve encountered together. He’s a voyaging memory that I’ll always remember.

I’m dismal to state that my Hamburg experience has now arrived at an end, for some reasons, not simply my relationship finishing. It’s a spot that I have adored and abhorred in equivalent measure, and keeping in mind that I will dependably be glad that I made a real existence there, I’m apprehensive it is anything but a real existence I wish to proceed. There are a few times when you need to investigate you, and in case you’re troubled, it’s alright to consider it daily and make a genuine change. It doesn’t make you a loser, it doesn’t make you feeble for not attempting. It implies you’re straightforward and consistent with yourself, and what’s truly in your heart. Furthermore, by the day’s end, the main individual you need to reply to is yourself.


I hadn’t understood until the most recent couple of weeks, yet the most recent eight months have truly transformed me as an individual. Fluctuating from being the most joyful young lady on the planet, to being an insignificant shadow of myself, a broken young lady attempting to put an amazing bits back together. I’m dismal to state that 2018 squashed a great deal of that certain, upbeat, voyaging lady I used to be. The most recent eight months have put my psyche, and my body, under more worry than I envisioned conceivable and that is the reason in 2019, I need to concentrate on putting myself first for once. Going through two hours daily driving to and from work, in addition to extended periods of time, a genuine absence of light and complete depletion truly caused significant damage sooner or later. I pushed my body as far as possible, and keeping in mind that I’m astonished at what it has withstood for the current year and how it has adapted and still kept me as a working individual, I realize that I have been a large portion of the individual I typically am.


2018 has been a troublesome year for my kinships. While I began the year more put resources into my kinships than any other time in recent memory, the move made life troublesome and different greater issues made me destroy far from those nearest to me. It wound up increasingly hard to stay in contact with those at home, and making companions in Germany was a lot harder than I foreseen. Be that as it may, I made companions, I have made some astounding companions in the course of the most recent a half year and I am so thankful to them for being a piece of my Hamburg life.

It’s to you all that I compose this open conciliatory sentiment, on the grounds that while I have been so cheerful to meet and impart life to you, none of you at any point truly got the opportunity to encounter the genuine Lucy. I’m so grieved, yet because of conditions outside my ability to control, I kept a ton of myself down over these most recent couple of months. I shied far from truly devoting myself completely to kinships on the grounds that my energies were somewhere else. I will dependably prize the companionships I made while living in Germany, you all got me through the hardest of times without knowing it.

2019 – A period for change

As 2018 has reached an end, so have a ton of things throughout my life and it’s turned out to be certain that 2019 is a year for change. An adjustment in area, an adjustment in way of life, in the general population I put resources into and where I contribute my time. In the wake of spending so much time putting others first and enduring thus, I’m long late for a move in core interest. So for a begin, I’m going off-network for some time, despite everything i’ll be taking a shot at the blog regardless i’ll be on the web, however I’m setting aside more effort for myself. After such huge life changes, it’s vital to set aside some effort to reflect and recuperate and there’s no disgrace in investing significant energy to get your head together.

I’m defining objectives for the year ahead and they include significantly more spotlight on investing energy with the general population who mean the most to me and really enabling them to take care of me for once. I’m not reveling as a method for managing things, rather I’m putting resources into myself and giving myself space to develop and turn into that young lady I used to be. Filling my racks with the books I’ve been aching to peruse yet haven’t had the vitality to, filling my ice chest with sound sustenances and breathing life into myself back once more. Arranging voyages and undertakings for the future and not choosing not to move on. After the hardest year of my life, how about we trust 2019 brings satisfaction.

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