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When I landed in Germany I was eager to begin arranging trips, to begin living again in my new home. As I’ve referenced in past posts, the beau and I have been intending to totally remodel our van and transform it into a camper van for excursions this mid year. Well I would now be able to state that we have begun the undertaking and really have finished the vast majority of the work on it, with for the most part only the beautifying left to do! It’s such an energizing time and we’ve done this in front of a major excursion we have gotten ready for one month from now which I’ll reveal to you progressively about in another post very soon. Be that as it may, until further notice we should concentrate on the main genuine trek we did in the van a month ago for my birthday – Rügen Island. It was some place I had never known about moving to Germany, however soon after landing here, a caring voyaging companion offered us her family’s delightful occasion home for an end of the week and we thought what preferable planning over to go for my birthday! So the last end of the week in May, we stuffed up the van and hit the street for an exquisite long end of the week at the ocean side.

We had the most stunning end of the week loaded up with frozen yogurt on the shoreline, strolling in the national park, investigating little towns and lovely stops, and obviously, stuffing ourselves with yummy sustenance! I truly wish I could return and do that entire end of the week once more, I truly wouldn’t modify anything, it was an ideal method to spend my birthday. In this post I’m going to share everything we did and what I would prescribe on the off chance that you happen to visit, ideally it will enable you to have a unique excursion and to benefit as much as possible from your time there.

What to do?

There is such a great amount to do on Rügen Island, you’ll be spoilt for decision! Interestingly, there is something for everybody, so whether you’re away for a sentimental end of the week for two, or a major gathering occasion, everybody is certain to have a ball. From the chilled shoreline bars and perspectives, to the more dynamic climbs and bicycle rides, you can structure the occasion you need and do everything at your own pace.


There are such a large number of beautiful shorelines to look at – ideally you have great climate as we did – in spite of the fact that I will caution you it is the Baltic Sea so don’t begin getting amped up for swimming! We were remaining in Sassnitz so we invested the most energy in the east side of the island where we discovered some ravishing shorelines sitting tight for us. We had multi day of shoreline bouncing beginning from Binz and working our way through to Sellin, Baabe, Göhren and the whole distance south to Theissow. On the off chance that you have sufficient energy on your outing, I truly prescribe visiting a couple of various shorelines to make tracks in an opposite direction from the groups and see an alternate side to the island. Binz and Sellin are stunning shorelines with all the adorable appeal of an out-dated coastline town, practically identical to Brighton in the UK. Anticipate pricier settlement and heaps of bars and eateries, just as bunches of individuals – these were the busiest spots we visited – yet they are pretty and incredible for the nighttimes when you need to go out for supper. Different shorelines further round, particularly Baabe and Göhren, are a lot calmer and its flawless to sit on the shoreline and appreciate an excursion and the continuous perspectives on the narrows. Look at this article for a progressively itemized manual for the individual shorelines.

Steam Train

For an extremely one of a kind method to see the island, why not jump on board the antiquated steam train and power along the Rügensche Kelinbahn, a nostalgic gesture to past times, from Putbus to Göhren on a 24km ride. Taking in everything from lavish green woodlands to enormous shoreline resorts, you’ll get an eyeful when you take a ride on the affectionately known, Racing Roland.

Towns and Parks

It’s very worth requiring some investment to investigate all the little towns and parks spread around the island amid your remain. In Bergen, you’ll locate some really awesome displays over the sea, in addition to bright old structures incorporating Benedix-Haus in the commercial center. Gary is close by and as the most modest and most established town on the island, you’ll visit just to se the astonishing perspectives from the Ernst Moritz Arndt Tower. Putbus was our most loved town – initially we went there to see the wonderful castle I had found out about online just to find that it had been torn down years prior – yet we were agreeably shocked by the ravishing Insel Vilm eco-park that was hanging tight for us there and invested hours meandering around. On the off chance that you get time to drive the whole distance north, I truly suggest visiting Kap Arkona which is the northernmost tip of the island and flaunts stunning perspectives, a dazzling shoreline and beacons you can move to the top for far and away superior displays.

Nightfall spots

Everybody cherishes a dusk and on Rügen Island there are two spots I discovered that will give you the best perspectives at night. Sellin Pier is one sight you would prefer not to miss, so ensure you arrive before the sun plunges into the great beyond to see everything light up. Envision an out-dated, Brighton-esque dock washed in the sun’s last beams of the day and delicately shining as its lights twinkle. It was an excellent sight and an ideal spot for a nightfall stroll before supper. I additionally gotten some answers concerning somewhere else called Panorama Hotel Lohme, which was up in the north above Jasmund National Park, and flaunts exquisite all encompassing perspectives over the sea. We turned out poorly this one unfortunately as the climate was shady and foggy on our second night on the island, yet I’ve perused extraordinary surveys and seen some beaut pics.

Eating Out

We came arranged and topped off the van with sustenance for the entire end of the week so we could have to a greater extent a self-providing food experience and spare a touch of cash – we didn’t have even an inkling in the event that it may be progressively costly on the island. We ate our own nourishment for morning meals and snacks, yet really wound up eating out on both the Saturday and Sunday evenings we were there. On the Saturday night, we chose to take a quick trip and see Sellin Pier at dusk and acknowledged we were both starving following a bustling day, in the wake of looking at the menu for Seebrücke Sellin, we couldn’t avoid going in for some food. I was inspired to find that it was in reality all around sensibly estimated, I had anticipated that it should be significantly increasingly costly, and that the nourishment was totally delectable. We went for a goats cheddar starter, at that point had the burger and a mushroom pasta, which were all completely astonishing and the administration was extraordinary considering we strolled in five minutes before they were because of closed the kitchen!

On my birthday night, we went on the proposal of our companion who revealed to us we needed to proceed to eat at Rialto, an Italian eatery in Binz which has the best pizza and dessert. After altogether taste-testing, I can reveal to you that the pizza and frozen yogurt are astonishing! We had really attempted the frozen yogurt the day preceding without acknowledging it was the ideal spot and it was so scrumptious, probably the best dessert I’ve at any point had. The evening of my birthday we ran full scale with a gigantic antipasti platter, wine and afterward pizzas which were the ideal birthday supper – what young lady wouldn’t need wine and pizza to praise her birthday?! Both are extraordinary spots to eat and Rialto has a dazzling outside territory to sit and appreciate the late spring.

Where to remain?

We remained at our companion’s place in Sassnitz which was flawless – this side of the island has all the best shorelines and sights, in addition to we were directly at the passage to Jasmund National Park. There are bunches of lodgings and occasion homes everywhere on this side of the island for differing dimensions of extravagance and sticker prices. I for one would suggest leasing an occasion home or some place self-providing food where you can prepare your own suppers or can even have grills in the long summer nights. We adored having more space and a spot to get ready breakfast and snacks. Sassnitz is likewise an incredible method to remain nearby to all the activity without really being in occupied Binz, it’s as yet a charming little shoreline town yet with to a greater degree a comfortable vibe.

When to go?

We went to visit toward the finish of May and the climate was ravishing, however being near the Baltic Sea, it is naturally harder to foresee the climate. I would prescribe visiting May to September for the best climate, yet watch out for meteorological forecasts supposing that the climate is awful, there isn’t a lot to do that doesn’t depend on you being outside throughout the day. Additionally, maintain a strategic distance from school occasions as it is plainly a major occasion goal for families/old and can get occupied.


There are transports and prepares on the island which associate every one of the little towns to one another, these are extraordinary on the off chance that you don’t approach a vehicle in addition to there are heaps of bicycle ways and climbing trails in the event that you like to stay in shape. You additionally can get to the island by transport or train from Hamburg. We headed to the island (around 3.5 hours) and during the time we utilized the van to get wherever which was extremely useful to benefit as much as possible from our end of the week. I would prescribe enlisting a vehicle or heading to the island since it gives you a great deal more opportunity to remain in more spending plan cordial spots and to be autonomous and unconstrained about your day. We would choose immediately our arrangements and effectively headed out to another shoreline or town. On the off chance that you depend on open transport you would be significantly more confined on the amount you get the chance to see and how qui

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